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Adds a unique subcompact handgun.

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Hi there!

This mod adds a new subcompact handgun: the Springfield Armory XD Mod.2

Nothing special, just a unique 13 round capacity handgun with an optional +3 round Extended Mag.


You can find one sold by Cliff Briscoe in Novac. You'll find a few more and the Extended Mag with the Gun Runners by the Freeside East Gate and the 188 Trading Post. You can also take it into the casino as a holdout weapon.

[[Update]] You can now add a suppressor! You'll find it in the same places as the Extended Mag.

I do not have any plans to add to leveled lists (I don't know how) but if anyone likes this enough to do that, go ahead!

Let me know if there are any problems, though I am fairly sure it SHOULD work but you never know (meh).

If you like the mod, please endorse!


If you are going to do anything with the mod files, make sure to credit raimeiyonke on Sketchfab. They made the 3d model used in this mod.
Also shaz_snow on Sketchfab for the neat silencer model

Otherwise, feel free to do whatever you want with this. If you do anything with this, let me know! I wanna see!

Also if anyone wants to send me some neat screenshots of this, I'm definetly interested in adding them to the page!

Thank you!


Special Credits

(Again) raimeiyonke on Sketchfab for letting me use their model.

shaz_snow on Sketchfab for the silencer model