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In celebration of the upcoming series we probably going to hate for not being "Tru", here's a little mod pinata.

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((3) Fallout Latinoamerica | Bandalizado | Facebook
This fella started it <3 Fallout Latinoamerica | # Felicidades a Jorge Martinez | Facebook
Original Reddit re-poster NoraCHUCHU)

I thought it's kind of cool. After all, yeah, there probably should be Spanish and Spanglish (Also, Nahuatl) speakers and evidence of their presence in FNV yet all we have is Raul and an occasional modded npc with a playble sombrero. So here's a Spanglish graffiti in the game

Only replaces one "Fuck NCR" graffiti variation, so that you'll still see the "proper" "Fuck NCR" too. IMMERSION.
In the original game you can find it in Cottonwood Cove HQ for sure, but lots of mods love using that phrase in the added locations, so you'll probably see it here and there in places if you're not playing the pure vanilla.

Dedicated to me Meheecana girlfriend, who came to Ukraine when the fullscale war started, and was/is with me through all the bombardments and whatnot, and with whom we having hell ofa time playing hellishly modded NV when we are bored by ruskies drones buzzin' in the night <3


P.S. Kudoses to DcCharge whose upscales I always use for any lil' retextures I do.