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Fixes EVEs complete absence of disintegration/gooification sound effects for critical hit kills with laser/plasma weaponry and allows for the customization of the newly introduced SFX.

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EVE > Essential Audiovisual Enhancements

Feature Summary

This mod provides the following changes to EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements  v1.19  EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp  by weijiesen:

  • Re-introduces sound effects for critical hit kills with energy weapons, which were absent in FNV EVE since forever (v1.11 in 2011)
  • Fixes a small oversight in EVEs critkill scripts where killing NPCs wearing power armor had no sound-related triggers attached to it
  • Adjusted the scripts to distinguish between laser and plasma critkills (Presumably there was more universal sounding SFX planned for EVE)
  • Allows for the customization of both the current as well as additional, user-picked critkill sound effects by simple drag & drop


I was quite surprised to find out that EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements for New Vegas, while providing beautiful critical kill animations for both laser and plasma weaponry, was actually completely missing the vanilla disintegration and gooification sound effects that are supposed to play, when you - well - disintegrate or gooify an enemy by killing him with a critical hit. And while EVEs animations itself absolutely look bombastic, I felt that the complete lack of acoustic feedback was really undermining the overall experience.

While many of EVEs critical kill scripts provide working death screams for both male and female actors, only 4 out of 13 variations in each case of laser and plasma weaponry had an actual working sound effect attached to it. Although even this sound effect wasn't meant to replace the absent disintegration/gooification SFX, but it's rather designed as an additional effect which gets triggered due an scripted explosion occurring during the critical kill presentation. All of the other critkill scripts have no working audio attached to them at all.

So how did I remedy this issue, summarized in a simple way? This mod, which comes in the form of an .esp patch, fixes the aforementioned audio issues by implementing a few new sound-related entries into EVEs record structure, and by placing this entries into the 68 available critkill scripts of EVE whereever there was an appropriate stage/if-statement. The changes to the critkill scripts are simple overrides, and don't lead to any conflicts with the base ESP, which is provided by EVE.

Getting Started

Required base mod    EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements  v1.19  EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp  (Uploaded 2021, most recent version as of 10 Apr 2024)

Installation    Standard procedure, so either install through a mod manager (recommended) or manually extract into ..\Data\

Load Order    Load after the ESP file that EVE itself provides

Customization    You can drop your own sound files into the ..\Data\Sound\fx\eve\laser\critkill and ..\Data\Sound\fx\eve\plasma\critkill folders

The aforementioned sound files (preferably WAV, but OGG and MP3 should work too) will implement custom disintegration and gooification sound effects respectively. FNV will randomly rotate through the available sound files when an corresponding critical kill occurs in-game.


v1.1.0    Improved the gooification SFX (the vanilla version didn't match EVEs visuals well) and also noticeably increased its loudness (it was very quite before)

Special Thanks to weijiesen and everyone listed in EVEs credits section, for the initial creation of this incredible mod as well as all additional contributions. Shoutout to Athelbras for the continuous user support in EVEs comment section.