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Cleans, speeds up, adds-on to, and generally re-animates hitman47101's Cowboy Repeater-set based animations. Standalone and safely overwrites the original animations.

Permissions and credits
CLEAN HIT | Repeaters Re-Animated

  • Idle animation that plays better with the game's hand rigging
  • Faster equip/unequip animations
  • Three hip-fire attack variations for the Cowboy Repeater
  • Five hip-fire attack variations for the Trail Carbine
  • Two reload variants for the Trail Carbine
  • Four hip-fire attack variants for the Brush Gun/Medicine Stick
  • Unique reload animation for the Medicine Stick
  • Scratch-made recreation of the unique first time equip for the Medicine Stick + it plays outside of combat
  • "Quick-scoping," which allows you to leave iron sights seamlessly (the gun won't hang in the middle of the screen)
  • Shorter and more gameplay-friendly reload times for all guns
  • "allowAttack" text key from an upcoming (not-yet-released) version of kNVSE, which allows you to fire/reload before certain animations are technically finished

Hitman's Cowboy Repeater-based animations (featured in Season 3) are excellent. However, despite the way the left hand grips the gun making sense in real life, it didn't translate well in-game due to some poor rigging on Bethesda's part. So, while the idea and animations in general are excellent, you're always saddled with looking at a rather tortured looking hand (through no real fault of hitman).

Enter this mod. A while ago (probably a year ago now, yikes), hitman gave me most of his .blends for these weapons and asked me I'd like to "fix" that idle problem. I agreed. Now, finally, I have done that, and have gone a little bit further to boot.

First of all, I sped up the equip/unequip animations. They're very cool, but always felt a bit like they were moving in slow motion, so I shaved some frames off. When editing the attack animations (which was a lot harder than one would expect, for the record), I also made an attack variation every time I got frustrated with revising these sets (so I'll let the number of attack variations across all of the weapons speak for themselves here).

On the note of equip animations: I re-created the first-time equip animation from scratch. I added some sounds to it, too--mostly some rustles and touching noises just to make it feel a bit more tactile. The gun responds a touch more, too, but it's subtle. I also changed it to play when you're not in combat (in combat, you'll use the normal equip). In reality, this is because I couldn't get the first equip condition to work in my game, but it's also nice to see these animations more than once per playthrough, as they're hard work and look cool. So, there you go.

After this, I decided that the reloads needed to move a bit faster. There was nothing really wrong with the old ones, but bullet-counted guns are already at a huge disadvantage gameplay-wise. While we all sacrifice some speed with our kNVSE sets, I felt it was necessary to speed up these sets a little bit. So, I've done that. The difference should be pretty noticeable in game, and should make these guns feel a lot easier to use.

I also went ahead and made it so the gun doesn't hang in the screen when you quickly take your finger off the iron sights button after firing. This comes with its own bugs, but they're hard to notice in this set, and I think it pays back dividends in how it feels in-game.

Last but not least: the final benefit of this mod is that these repeaters now officially have a standalone release, as they were previously only available for download in Season 3. If you have the old sets installed via Season 3, don't worry: this mod is set up to overwrite Season 3 without any problems whatsoever. Just make sure it's lower in your mod order and you're good-to-go.

Cheers. :)



  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with any mod that does not specifically use kNVSE to edit the same animations.
  • Does not overwrite vanilla animations, allowing you to safely switch back.

  • If you enjoy this mod in any capacity, please do consider endorsing it.
  • If you wish to support me and my animating habits further, donations are very helpful. Small, one-time donations are especially helpful.

I don't like guns. I like the game. That's why I animate it. I'm not here to create 1:1 animations with the firing arms manual of a given weapon. That doesn't interest me at all, so please don't critique animations in that vein. I did any research I deemed necessary and any inaccuracies you see are either intentional for the sake of actual craft or something that I don't know and do not care about.

Do feel free to offer critique of actual craft elements in the animation.

I fully support gun control measures in the United States.

Any comments regarding anything mentioned in this disclaimer (aside from critiques of the animation craft) will be fully ignored and, if they are hateful, they will be deleted.

Thank you.