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Removes the bars of the Railroad Crossing signs, and updates the collison for the Railroad Crossing Signs to match.

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[What This Is]

Simple model / collision / texture tweak that can be applied to all Railroad Crossing signs.

[What This Does]

+Adjusts the model of the Railroad Crossing sign to not have a bar.
+Adjusts the texture to match the model editing.
+Sets up the collsion for the model to be more pillar-like instead of blocking the pathways like before.


Use a Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2 (preferably the latter) to install. Activate the mod in the list.


Disable the mod in your Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2. The Railroad Crossing signs will go back to their barring ways.


Bethesda Softworks / Obsidian Entertainment , for post-nuclear roleplaying games and tools to create content for them.
Bethesda Archive Extractor (BAE) , for giving me the ability to dig into and reference assets from.
GIMP , for texture editing purposes.
NifSkope , for mesh editing purposes.


It's not fancy, but it works.

What's it good for? I dunno, come up with your own reasoning!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy, and have fun!