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Nuka Vending Machines now emit an actual light when they flicker, which matches the animation.

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Nuka Vending Machines in FNV and TTW now emit light when they flicker, which lights up the area around them.

Before: After:

FNV: Over 50 machines
TTW: Over 230 machines

Can you do Sunset Sarsparilla?

While possible, the same light doesn't used match the flicker sequence of Sunset machines, resulting in a not-great effect where the machine and light are out of sync. I may do an SS version soon, either way..

Known Issue/s:
- A minor thing i've observed, is that depending on when/where you activate this mod, any vending machine lights may not be sync'd with the animation.

If anyone has any optimizations, script knowledge etc, and would like to help me improve this further (If that's even possible) i'd absolutely welcome the help!

A special thanks to ebizoe, this mod may not exist in its current format without his help.
All DP will go to him for his help on this. A great person, and one of my favorite modders.

I don't mod for DP, i mod for love of the game and love to bring my ideas to life. DP is just a bonus.