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A high quality lod addition mod made for Tales of Two Wasteland 3.2.x
It will improve New Vegas too, to a lesser extent.

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Have you ever walked in the outskirts of DC, aiming at an unsuspecting raider, only to realize that there's a huge trench where the highway should be?
Or seeing Megaton far away through your scope, and thinking to yourself "Man, i did not remember destroying megaton, why is the gate melted"

If those tales seems familiar, you've reached the right place!

Disclaimer :

This is a resource for XLodGen, does nothing without generating lods!
Viva New Vegas Lod Guide
TTW will require other assets compared to the guide, I suggest TTW LOD Overhaul and it's requirements. Please read that modpage before generating lods.

Description :
This mod aims to fix/add lod meshes to the Capital Wasteland where necessary.
The bulk of this mod is aiming to add back the highway meshes to the LOD world, to fix the very obvious pop-ins near Grayditch, for example.

Mod is a work in progress, feel free to send pictures of missing Lods or ugly Lods in the comment section.
Megaton's walls only require a higher res texture. If it doesn't exist already, i'll add my own version of that.

Installation :

Install with Mod Manager and generate lods with XLodGen
Can be merged with the other LOD esps (probably)

Use the ESP provided in the optional files instead from Wall_SoGB

To get the same lod results :
Much needed LOD - Cleaned
Lod additions and improvement
TCM's LOD Overhaul
More LODs Additions and Fixes
Wasted LOD - Cliffs of DC
TTW Lod Overhaul

I think that's all of them

Final note :