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Mods adds a tribute to the late voice actor for Benny, Matthew Perry. Complete with memorial, retextured Maria, and note from Matty. I wanted to honor Matthew I hope this does him justice.

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For Matty

A mod for Matthew Perry, late voice actor for Benny of Fallout New Vegas.

TEXTURE ISSUES: If the textures aren't loading move the ForMatty file within the mod into the texture folder. Version 3 should do this but vortex does not always cooperate. @ me on twitter if there are any issues! (@tunnelsnakefool)

For manual install: be sure to move the folder within the "textures" folder into your texture folder w/in your game files or the textures won't load properly. 

I created this mod to honor Matthew building a little memorial in Goodsprings Cemetery right behind where we first meet Benny in the game. 

I included a memorial with quotes from both Benny and Matthew that I thought suited him/ the game. I also included a retextured Maria with a Friends theme, along with a note from Matty himself (this is a quote from his book). Imagine Matthew as Chandler saying "Could your aim BE any worse" while you use the purple Maria which I named "My Friend". Also included an extra Benny suit, so you can keep him around in game if you so choose and match with him. I hope you enjoy my little tribute, updates with more to come but for now enjoy this simple tribute to a comedy genius and Benny Gecko. 

Please do not replicate or use this mod in others without talking to me. 

If you share this on social media please tag me I would love to see it! I am Tunnelsnakesfool on all platforms. 

Enjoy and stay safe in the wasteland kids!