Fallout New Vegas
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This is an edit to the JIPSFConfigScript that attempts to get rid of the tutorial message at the start of every play-through.

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In the JIPSFConfigScript I changed:

if iMenu == 1
            MessageBoxEx "JIP Selective-Fire Mod: Tutorial%r%rThis short tutorial covers the basics of using JIP Selective-Fire. Please spend a minute and read it, so that you can learn how to make full use of the mod's various features.%r%rMore in-depth information can be found at the mod's homepage on the Nexus, or from the help sections in the MCM control panel or Weapon Setup Menu.|Continue|Skip Tutorial"
            set iMenu to 10


if iMenu == 1
            set iMenu to 0

iMenu == 10 seems to continue to the next step of the tutorial, while iMenu == 0 seems to be the end of the tutorial.

I cannot guarantee this will work perfectly, i.e. tutorial messages may show up or this may break something in the mod, as I didn't test this thoroughly.  It stopped the message box on starting a new character, and it should prevent it from coming up but I'll only be certain after the community and myself tests it further.

Credit to jazzisparis.