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A player home, done in a fashion that would resemble a thrown together, scavanger base. I have always found that a lot of the housing mods break immersion or give too many conveniences to the player. This player home mod is done primarily for a Dust playthrough, but can be used outside of it.

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Do you like gambling? History? Or just want to rest near a lake? If your answer is yes, you are in for a treat!
If you like being in the outskirts of the richest part of Nevada, this is a perfect choice for you!
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September 1st, 2077

The Lore

A love couple, surviving near the New Vegas Medical Clinic, set up a base of their own. After months of reinforcing, barricading and stocking up on resources, they finally managed to put some life, and stability, inside a ruined, toppled, old-world apartment building. With their combined know-how, they even started setting up planters and distilleries, but that's when the troubles started. Pushing their luck, in both finding the right parts and fighting off every possible menace, they scavanged most of the surrounding area, but came up short on some of the most crucial parts. Mel, frustrated and on her own, went off in search of them. Wanting for their want of self-sufficiency to come to an end, she ventures far out, leaving the safety of their base behind. After realizing that too much time had passed, Isaac, Mel's stronger half, blames himself. Leaving a note for Mel, he sets off to find her, fearing she must have gotten herself stuck in some deep trouble.

The technicalities

This mod converts two buildings, that were empty and uninteresting, into a base, a home, that the player can use.
It's located near the New Vegas Medical Clinic (see picture).
It is primarily made for a Dust playthrough, but can be used without the Dust mod.
There are both workbenches present, with a lot of space and containers for storing and categorizing all of your loot.
There is an unmarked quest, related to restoring the electrical power to the bases reflector.
There is no clean or dirty sources of water, or food near this home.

If you are using Dust, I recommend you download my Dust patch, since it aligns some of the edits for the cells.
If you are using Advanced Landscapes, I recommend you download my Landscapes patch, since Advanced Landscapes adds furniture and couple of other things into the buildings I'm using for this mod. Make sure the patch loads after both Advanced Landscapes and my home mod.

The Installation

Use your preferred mod manager, or manually extract the files into Fallout New Vegas's Data folder.

In conclusion

I do really hope you enjoy this mod, like I enjoyed working on it and making it into something I find immersive and a part of Fallout world.