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A fully voiced mafia-themed adventure in the world of Fallout New Vegas! Who's Sorry Now is my personal take on the well beloved "bounty" genre of quest mods and provides The Courier with the opportunity to live the life of a hitman, meting out mob justice beneath the neon lights of New Vegas.

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  • Mandarin

Who's Sorry Now is my first fully-fledged quest mod, offering a lengthy assassination questline that will take The Courier all over The Mojave.
My design philosophy here is that I didn't want a simple "go here, kill that" kind of structure, instead I placed the player in situations where they
are going after sensitive targets. You'll find yourself needing to use stealth and a variety of other skills if you want to avoid aggro'ing
surrounding NPCs and accumulating reputation loss.                                                                                                                                                  
If you are liberal about your use of fast-travel and have all the associated locations discovered the quest can be completed within an hour. There is
an emphasis on varying options catered to a variety of playstyles, though a completely pacifist playstyle is not supported.                                          

  • Export the contents of the .zip file into your Data folder.

  • Not sure where to start? Why not head down to Lower Brimstone in The Gomorrah for a drink?

  • The Bespoke Henry Martin for voicing the mod's star, Mack
  • The Amazing Caleb Jensen for voicing Nino, Mack's bodyguards, and the Military Policemen
  • The Stupendous Henry Schultz for voicing Kenji
  • The Marvelous Xerim for voicing Bert
  • The Venerable Geremy Ferland for voicing Reese
  • The Incredible lordinquisitor for Reese's armor
  • The Prodigious anotheraza for Kenji's amor
  • The members of the TTW Discord 
  • Obsidian for making my favorite game, Fallout: New Vegas