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Enhance your Fallout New Vegas experience with our Radiant Quests mod! Immerse yourself in a world of endless dynamically generated quests, offering a level of variety and excitement you've never seen before. Become a true side-quest aficionado as you explore uncharted territories and encounter challenges like never before in the Mojave Wasteland.

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Radiant Infinium is a comprehensive mod that enriches the questing experience in the Mojave wasteland. This mod introduces an infinite number of dynamically generated quests, seamlessly integrating them into the Wasteland with the usage of Job Boards/Terminals that can be found in almost every settlement. Delve into the Mojave wasteland and experience these key features that enhance your gameplay.

Job Boards/Terminals:
Job boards and terminals can be found in almost every settlement in the Wasteland. These are the point of contact with the opportunities presented by this mod. Each job board/terminal represents the settlement it is located in, each one offers a different selection of quests with objectives based on the settlement's relations to other factions.

Quest Rewards:
You will only be rewarded with XP, caps, (a chance of) an extra item, and fame. XP rewarded is dynamically generated based the what the quest requires you to do. The amount of caps rewarded is based on the level you are and what quest you're doing, additionally, a heightened barter skill will increase the amount of caps you get per quest. The fame gain from these quests are quite meager, but are a good way of building up reputation for factions that don't offer much in regards of fame gain. The chances of you getting an extra item from completing a quest is dependent on your overall Luck (yes, this includes wearing Lucky Shades) and the base chance set in the mod's Settings.ini. Completing these quests in succession has a high chance to yield great experience and monetary gains. All values related to quest rewards can be tweaked in the Data/config/SD_RadiantInfinium/Settings.ini (if you download it).

Quest Limit:
The recycling of quests is what makes this mod tick! Whenever you finish one of the quests, it gets added into a pool of inactive quests so it can be assigned totally different objectives in the future. In terms of limit, you are currently limited to 100 radiant quests. No, I will not increase this because there is no reason for you to have 100 active quests... ever.

Multiple Quest types:
  • Delivery: Deliver packages to the people of the Wasteland! These quests won't have you trekking across the Wasteland to make a simple parcel delivery, the package recipient is chosen based on their distance from the assigning job board and their relations to the faction the board belongs to. Quest rewards and XP are determined by the distance between the starting location and the Package Recipient.

  • Delivery (Mojave Express): Unlike your standard Delivery job, the Mojave Express counterpart doesn't see distance or faction relations as a means to an end. These missions will have you hiking across the Wasteland, delivering to any character in need of Courier 6's package.

  • Exterminate: Cleanse the Wasteland of Irradiated Abominations. These quests involve tracking down multiple creatures within a specific vicinity of the settlement you're picking the job up from. These contracts will have you taking on anything from Feral Ghouls to Deathclaws. But don't worry, the tougher jobs will only be offered to higher leveled players.

  • Hunt: Whether it's their general nuisance or because people are hungry, the Hunt job exists to serve. This job will have you search for and kill some of the various animals of the Wasteland.

  • Scavenge: Scavenge quests necessitate the player to locate a specific quantity of a particular miscellaneous item for a given settlement. Sure, these kinds of quests have never been the most fun - but the items you're searching for will yield more caps to you than simply selling the same amount in a shop.

  • Gather: Much like the aforementioned Fetch quest, Gather quests involve the player collecting herbs, plants, and other helpful items from the Wasteland for a settlement.

  • Kill: Resembling a bounty-esque contract, Kill quests entail hunting down and eliminating an NPC hostile or unfriendly to the hiring settlement. A great addition to players who're bloodthirsty and feel like they ran out of things to kill - or - players that are just downright bloodthirsty.

  • Eliminate: Much like the Kill quest type, Eliminate quests are specifically for singular radioactive abominations, often requiring higher-level players.

Support for Additional Mods:
This mod supports other mods that add more NPCs and creatures without requiring patches. Radiant Infinium dynamically adapts to the changes, making it highly compatible with a wide range of mod configurations. The more mods the merrier (I may bite these words). After using this mod in an actual modded playthrough, I highly recommend the following:
If you've noticed any other mods that work well with this one, leave a comment!

Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW) Integration:
Job Boards have been added to all of the settled locations in the Capital Wasteland (the logical ones!). Travel the expanse of DC with more quests in your Pip-Boy than ever before!

Quest Progression:
Quests can be accepted, completed, failed, and canceled. To maintain balance, a mandatory 24-hour waiting period exists between embarking on successive quests.

Mod Configuration Menu (Or Lack thereof):
I'm not going to make an MCM menu for this mod. It isn't fun. I've made a Mod Configuration Menu for many of my other mods and I absolutely dread it 101% of the time. About every faucet of this mod can be tweaked inside of the Data\Config\SD_RadiantInfinium\Settings.ini file, so I highly recommend playing around with it.


Your input is crucial in improving this mod. For suggestions or thoughts, please visit this article to post your comments. While I value compatibility inquiries, please avoid asking questions like "Is this mod compatible with X mod?" here, as this article primarily focuses on gathering suggestions.

  • The xNVSE Modding Discord for help with some of the more complex elements of this mod.
  • zealotlee for creating the awesome mesh and texture for the Job Board!
  • Demorome for assisting with the function that finds an interior's exterior cell.
  • Nehred and Giveth for helping me troubleshoot some icky bugs. Yuck!
  • TPFradeN for downloading and QA testing the pre-2.0 build, couldn't of pinpointed some of my terrible code without you 
  • Everyone in my Discord
  • - and all the other various user that point out the bugs I release into mod. Without you, this mod would... uh... suck?
  • All my opps, haters, foes, etc. I hate you all and I make cool shit to spite you.
  • Coffee, black, and lots of it.

Twitter: @stealthDick_
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