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Intelligent albino Deathclaw companion from Fallout 2 with de-robe animations

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  • Russian
  • Mandarin


Classic Goris is a fully functional Deathclaw companion mod with all basic companion features. He would take off his robe in battle, and put it back on afterwards, just like in Fallout 2... except that it's a lot less annoying because it's not going to pause the game.

You can find Goris in Jacobstown, at Doc Henry's clinic. In order to recruit him, you must ask Goris about his research and help Marcus chase away the NCR mercenaries without killing them. Finish the quest Unfriendly Persuasion, and Goris will join you. Goris WILL NOT join you if the mercenaries are killed or if Marcus is dead.

Goris's companion perk is Terrifying Presence, provided that you don't have it already.

Fallout New Vegas

Mod Recommendation
This mod is standalone and has no requirements other than New Vegas, but if you want all the Deathclaw to look consistent and more classic like, pair this mod with Horrors of The New West.

  • Limited dialogue options and story. It's quite barebones.
  • No voice.
  • Not well tested, so it may have more issues than the other stuff that I put out.
  • Goris may not be very balanced gameplay wise.
  • Goris can't swim.