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Adds counter-snipers to the Legion's ranks.

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Should probably specify that all credit for this idea goes to slaVEI. In fact, this might as well be a commission mod since he practically commissioned it.

So, yeah. Kudos should go to him for this mod.

So, we all know the disastrous First Battle of Hoover Dam, where NCR Snipers devastated the Legion's ranks. Since then, we can see the Legion utilizing more and more sniper-oriented weapons. Marksman Carbines, Anti-Material Rifles, Hunting Rifles, etc etc. But one thing piqued my interest when it was mentioned to me: Why didn't the Legion invest in counter-snipers after the First Battle of Hoover Dam? I mean, it's clear the Legion's best know how to use Sniper Rifles. We can see one in use during Kimball's assassination quest. And when hitmen are dispatched to assassinate you.

Well, this mod seeks to change that. With this mod installed, it adds Sagittarii and Venators to the Legion's ranks. Sagittarii being Recruits and Prime Legionnaires, and Venators being Veteran Legionnaires. The Recruit Sagittarii utilize Varmint Rifles. Prime utilizes Hunting and Battle Rifles, and Vets utilize Sniper and Anti-Material Rifles. Now, because of some issues I've had in the past with editing the Legion's side of the Hoover Dam battle, I did not add any snipers there for fear of breaking Veni, Vidi, Vici! So, instead, just imagine they are taking up positions around the battlefield, keeping First Recon's heads down. That's some good lore for ya there.

You can find Legion snipers in every Legion location in the game, usually providing overwatch or protecting Caesar's tent. Have fun!


slaVEI - Commissioning the mod.

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