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An "Object Effect" package that can be applied to any clothing item.

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What is it, and what does it do?

This is a completely, absurdly unbalanced object effect which modders can use to make any chosen clothing item imbue the wearer with  game-breakingly OP status effects:

-Extreme fire, poison, and ratiation resistance
-Health Regeneration
-Limb Restoration
-Ridiculously high weight-bearing capacity
-DR and DT buffs

Note: It does not grant invincibility; particularly on "Very Hard" game difficulty, a player or NPC gifted with the "Courier's Edge" effect can still be downed.

How do you use it?

-Open the armor you want to add this to in FNVEdit
-Select the mod containing the wearable item you want to add this effect to, click 'Add Master'
-Search for, and add as master, this mod
-Open the exact wearable item in your preferred armor mod that you want to add this effect to.
-Under 'Object Effect', select 'aaCouriersEdge'*

*(If the chosen clothing item doesn't already have an Object Effect, right click the empty 'Object Effect' field, click Add, then follow previous step.


And that's it. The wearable item of your choice should now give you (or any other wearer) the 'Courier's Edge' effect.