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Adjusts a few shader flags to litter meshes to stop the flickering.

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Since I've used mods on FNV I've noticed the ground litter would flicker and/or turn black. I tried a couple different methods to remove this. Black Litter Pile fix adjusted the alpha of the meshes from 200 to 120/100 to make the flicker have less of an impact. Also I used Logans Little Litter Fix for Looters to desaturate the litter to avoid the yellow/orange part that kept looking like a mag laying on the floor. It worked to remove the color but the flicking still remained. Next I saw that in NVMIM it again reduced the alpha of the mesh to make the flickering have less of an impact. Still this annoyed me and took away from my experience. So I resigned myself to using a no litter mod which removed most of the litter and the issue was gone. 

However after having a similar issue with vents on the utility tileset a fellow nexus user DuskWulf asked me to see if that solution would work on the litter meshes. Seemed interesting. I tried it and it failed. But kept at it and found that if I add a selection of different shader flags... sf_specular sf_empty sf_shadow_frustum sf_shadow_map sf_zbuffer it worked!!! Unfortunately it had an annoying side effect. 

See the litter mesh is actually a few different meshes built atop each other. So by adding the shader flags you could plainly see them clipping into each other. So being half way there I decided to further modify the meshes to level them out and have them on one plane vrs across each other. Also along the way I deleted the part that has the yellow/orange thing that looks like a mag...so basically Logans Litter Litter Fix isn't need anymore either. 

That said...for me the flicker is gone. Plus the litter looks better somehow. More 3d..if that makes sense. Check out the videos..let me know if it works for ya. 
Litter b crazy