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Adds the SF_Eye_Enviroment_Mapping shader flag to vent meshes.

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I run a pretty mod heavy TTW install & just got into the metro tunnels. For some reason with the lighting/pipboy mods I'm running (Pip-Boy Light Flicker Fix/Dyamic Pip-Boy Light/Atmospheric Light Tweaks/Improved Lighting Shaders/Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul) I've ran into an issue with vents on the Utility Tileset flickering. Mostly it seems to pop up if theres a light near a wall in a room and I use my pipboy. It's annoying as hell and decided to fix it. I searched but found no info online anywhere. & someone may have already encountered this & fixed it. But after much trial & error I've found by adding the Shader flag for SF_Enviroment_Mapping it finally went away. 

Also it should be compatible with any texture mods your running. again I just edited the meshes directly.

Video shows the issue better then I could explain it.

Vents b Crazy