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boykisser meme themed armor and a tiny little camp on the edge of the wasteland with a pretty good arms vendor

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PMC Boykisser Group

PMC Boykisser is on a special mission to the Mojave! Visit them at Camp Boykisser near the northwest edge of the map to find a new vendor with quite a lot of caps from whom you can purchase unique Boykisser-themed Combat Armor, a new plain dark gray combat armor variant without the Boykisser logos, Femboy Power Armor, and a special retexture of 'That Gun'. He also sells base game armor, weapons, and stims, if you're in  need of those, and there's a usable bed and some workbenches too.
The flags in the mod are the LGBTQ+ progress pride flag and one variant of the Femboy pride flag.
Oh, and the Confirmed Bachelor perk has been renamed to 'Boykisser'.


This low-effort mod is based on the 2023 'Boykisser' meme about a silly gay cat. Here's an explanation from its Know Your Meme entry:
Oooooo You Like Boys You're A Boykisser, and its twin variant You like Kissing Boys Don't You, refers to a GIF caption of a cat character lightheartedly accusing the meme's viewer that they like boys and are a "boykisser" (a slang term predominantly used by LGBTQ+ people to both make fun of and support each other for their pleasure in kissing men).

He's also often depicted as a 'femboy', which is a man or male-ish person who likes to dress feminine and cutesy, and they also have a Know Your Meme entry.
The idea of a Boykisser Private Military Company (PMC) fits the meme into the Mojave, though the mercenaries are too busy kissing each other to get much else done. Obviously, this meme is not trying to say that mercenary companies or war are good in the real world, which goes for many other things parodied in Fallout. The purpose of this mod is to joke around and make fun of mercs while adding a rest-stop with LGBTQ+ representation to one little corner of the map.


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