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Two new outfits, dark black & red variations on mercenary light-armor, whether you play a male or female character.

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Dark Wasteland Outfits

Two outfits each with different versions for male and female couriers. Dark Casual Outfit (based on Merc Grunt) and Dark Charmer Outfit (based on Merc Charmer). They're both black and red with slightly better protective stats than their mercenary counterparts. They don't overwrite anything, but they'll be in a few places in the game. You can either read 'Where to Find' at the bottom of the readme or let yourself discover them organically instead!
Dark Charmer has some angel wings on the fem model because I thought they looked cool.

Install instructions:
1-Drag the 'Data' folder from the mod into your Fallout New Vegas directory and the mod meshes and textures will merge into the main NV folders.
2-After that, just go to 'Data Files' on the NV game launcher and tick the box next to 'DarkWastelandOutfits.esp' to enable the mod! After this, you're ready to go!

Where to find:
Dark Casual is sold by Chet in Goodsprings and Cliff in Novac.
Dark Charmer is sold by the Gunrunners or found behind the Queen Scorpion in the Searchlight FireHouse.

For a super-easy route though................
both outfits can be found together for free in a footlocker in the Crimson Caravan Gaurd Barracks.