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Adds two anarchy-themed retextures of the Lonesome Road courier duster (independence version).

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Anarchy Courier Dusters

This mod adds two new variants of the 'Courier Duster' from Lonesome Road. Owning the Lonesome Road DLC is required!

Both variants use the independent Vegas version of the duster as their base and for their stats, but neither one overwrites any existing content. For the first variant, Anarchy Duster, the spade symbol has been darkened and the 21 swapped for a weathered anarchist (the 'Anarchy is Order') symbol. The second one, Ancom Duster, is the same but with the spade in a red/black color split. As the 'No Gods, No Masters' achievement uses an anarchist symbol, an anarchist version of the independence duster made sense.
You can find the new clothes inside a storage tent in the Old Mormon Fort, as I didn't want to replace any of the old dusters and the Followers of the Apocalypse are generally thought to be the most anarchist-aligned faction in New Vegas. I imagine they must have been treating an anarchist who either passed away or gave up the dusters to become a doctor. Either way, the outfits now rest in a long-forgotten footlocker as they wait for their next owner!