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Let’s you play the NCR side quests, Wrench’s companion quest and the Netwrk’s quest without having to commit to a NCR playthrough.

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DISCLAIMER: These add-ons of course will not receive supportfrom the team behind Fallout - The Frontier. Do not bother Frontier authors
about issues that might arise from these mods. Mod at your own risk.
Spoiler Warning: This page may spoil the events of Fallout -The Frontier for you if you have not extensively played it.

Version 5
Edited Smoke Signals quest so one would obtain Theo's Power Armor regardless of your speech outcome
Edited Even Death May die quest so one can obtain the Otherworldy Branch by talking Oficer Viula down.


1.  Disabled Tarna (the Lizardman) that was located in Goose Hollow apothecary
2.  Removed the note and package on the dead NCR Courier near Analgesis pharmaceuticals that
would trigger Quest Snake Eyes
3.  Unlocked the door to the Enclave Office that is a part of the Sapphire Nuka Cola Challenge

All Eyes on You
Enables the player to complete Netwrk quest “All Eyes on You” immediately upon entering the Frontier. 

At the Hop
Immediately enabled Lt. Gilmore so you can do quest “At The Hop” before ACT II

Biggest Fan and Big Bear is Watching
Enables John Wayne so the player can complete the side quests without having to wait for ACT III.

Dear Hearts and Gentle People
Enables Wrench’s companion quest so you can do it with the Crusader’s playthrough.  Have to complete "Horror at the Frost Lion Resort" and the Breach Outreach questline.  Should trigger upon completion of "Slaying the Black Knight."

Home Sweet Home
Enabled the missing poster so you can do quest “Home SweetHome” before ACT II
Signal Interupted
Made a hatch to the NCR hanger so you can talk to Sarah Rosen and do quest Signal Interupted  

Spectre of the Past
Created a quest marker to the Man in Strange Armor.  Go to Council Crest park facility and thequest Track Signal will start.  This will then point you to the Man in strange armor so you can do quest Spectre of the Past without the hassle of looking for him.

Enables the player to complete NCR sidequest without having to progress in the NCR storyline.