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Vault 19 Poseidon Pit Stop remakes the forgettable Vault 19 parking lot with a Gas station, Diner and makeshift player hideout.

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So the Mojave Wasteland is a scaled down version of the real one right? so in the middle of the highway there is.. a parking lot? not only is it boring it doesn't make sense and don't give me that "its hiding in plain sight" yea it immediately attracts my attention to the entrance because there's only one "building". so I tried making it more interesting with a good ol Americana Pitstop. Something that you would actually see in the desert.
This mod only touches the exterior area of the Vault 19

- Old bare Parking lot remade into an all American Pit-stop Diner. Get some Gas, Nuka, Ads and Rads on your way to New Vegas.
Hideout Home - Restore Power for a hideout with plenty of storage, crafting area, and a bed. 

Unmarked Quest - Make this location into a hideout. Everything you'll need to set it up is all on site just keep an eye out.
-Find parts for the generator.
-Fix the generator.
-Find the 4 supply caches to decorate the hideout around the area.
-Enjoy the hideout.

Should be compatible with mods that don't edit the exterior area of Vault 19
Haven't run into any issues with Working on the Chain Gang mod but further testing needed.

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