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Fixes 87 (and counting) duplicated or otherwise broken objects not properly disabled for compatibility between Simple Open Freeside and Uncut Wasteland, primarily street lights. This took seven hours of my life.

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I built this mod off the Viva New Vegas version of Uncut Wasteland as a base.
It additionally requires SSSlick's Simple Open Freeside Uncut Wasteland Patch or Simple Populated Freeside, which get things this doesn't! 
(I'd bet I would have had to patch a few more bus stops if it weren't for them. My kudos for their work.)

PLEASE send me bug reports and comments with any objects I missed! Preferably alongside their Reference IDs in the Console/GECK!
This is a real epidemic and I'm sure I didn't catch everything.

Simple Open Freeside has a patch for Uncut Wasteland created by SSSlick. The patch is also included in Simple Populated Freeside, a mod also made by them requiring Uncut Wasteland.

Neither of these gets everything. A lot of Lamp Posts and Pitt Cables are still leftover. Most of the time these aren't visible, they're occupying the same space, but in 3 different cases you see lampposts right next to each other, which looks kinda funny. An especially problematic area was the courtyard outside Cerulean Robotics where you fight Maud's Muggers, where it seems the quality of the patch simply failed in it's entirety. The patch also has a major oversight in the form of 3 different replacers for default fences made by Uncut Wasteland; they're supposed to be gone entirely in Simple Open Freeside, but aren't.

This mod works to remedy that by setting all problem props to initially disabled. A total of 90 records were listed to be patched in this first pass alone; 87 were actionable.