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Configurations for "New Vegas Tick Fix" to solve issues and improve performance based on your setup.

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What comes with NVTF by default
  • Alt-Tab is possible but high resolutions and texture mods will result in OOM crashes due to VRAM being copied in RAM.
  • The water LOD fix is not enabled due to the minor performance hit.
  • Double buffering (which is trash) is not switched to triple buffering to avoid complaints from latency obsessed users.
  • iTweakRCSafeGuard is kept at 1 to avoid rare crashes although that means having lower performance.

Viva Default Preset
Enables the water LOD fix, triple buffering, and iTweakRCSafeGuard is set to 2. These changes are kept in the 3 presets below.

Texture Modding and High Res Preset
This is required for users that run native resolutions higher than 1080p and/or want to use texture mods. Requires windowed mode or DXVK in fullscreen to maintain Alt-Tab. Using windowed on AMD or Intel GPU's is not recommended since only NVidia has a VK->D3D11 interop, which negates the latency penalty and brings other improvements. If you want more information on what this all means, follow this guide.

X3D Preset
Improves performance on systems with an X3D CPU from AMD.

X3D And Texture Modding and High Res Preset
Read the descriptions of the 2 entries above.

This page was made in collaboration with Viva New Vegas, the goal is to help with the issues caused by users having different hardware setups and modlists, which NVTF obviously cannot account for.

Viva New Vegas

VishVadeva for the description and configurations.
WallSoGB for providing information and the performance guide.
Nice try carxt, nobodies gonna credit you.