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Allows you to skip Tranquility Lane without ever entering in a lore friendly manner for both roleplay options or if you want to not screw up your pip boy and custom animu race.

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Tranquility Lane sucks! It's unrelated to the Main Quest and while entertaining once or twice, it's the bane of many a TTW playthrough, messing up races and pip boys and overall being a gigantic nuisance for no reason. How does one fix it? SKIP! This mod adds a lore friendly way to skip Tranquility by using the Overseer emergency Mainframe in Braun's Pod-room. With 75+ science, the player can just shut the system down and release Dad. Problem solved!

One is a normal version with a level 75 Science check for lore friendliness. The second has no requirements. Pick just one.

- Braun's Key only terminal is now a hard lock, but the original key is still in the vault.
- The Mainframe also still requires a 75+ science to actually hack it. I'd suggest mentats and programmer's digest.
- Tranquility Lane still works normally if you don't use this method.
- Only Dad's pod opens.
- Everything proceeds after this normally, all quests trigger and end.

Due to the nature of the mod, it probably won't work with anything changing Tranquility Lane. Furthermore, while I've beaten playthroughs with this, it's still possible something could go wrong at some point due the hacky nature but's probably fine.