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A small visual upgrade to the appearances of the many ravens and vultures seen in throughout the Mojave Wasteland. All ravens and vultures in the Mojave have upscaled textures.

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Enhanced HD appearances for ravens and vultures seen around various posts, ledges, and flying in the skies. These new appearances feature upscaled textures using machine learning and a few small edits to compression artifacts. The most noticeable upgrades are the details in feathers, skin around the beak, talons, and eyeballs.


Install the latest main file. For manual installation, extract the file to your game’s data folder. For a mod manager installation, install the file with your preferred mod manager.


Conflicts may occur with mods that modify textures for ravens and vultures. Be warned that vultures are known to have issues with users that have ENBs installed.


Compatibility versions for the mods Wasteland Birds and Wild Animals of Survival are planned for future updates.