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Total remake of the Lucky 38 tower, with baked lighting and ambient occlusion, based on promotional and concept art.

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xLODGen Experimental (Recommended)


This mod is mostly intended as a modders resource, as my .esp will likely conflict with a lot of other mods. 


I always thought the proportions of the Lucky 38 were pretty strange, especially in the Strip worldspace. I wanted something that looked more realistic and dramatic, but also consistent between worldspaces. I was inspired a lot by the game's promotional material, particularly the cinematic trailer.

These proportions are drastically different from the vanilla Lucky 38, and it's what I based my mesh on once I started in Blender.

Along with proportions, I also wanted the tower's lights to be more dramatic. I based the lights off of more promotional material, the games cover art.

As an extra detail, I wanted the Cocktail Lounge and Mr. House's penthouse to be visible from the Wasteland, so I modelled those as well. 

After that I baked textures for it, including the ambient occlusion and lighting.

I was pretty happy with it at this point, but there was one more thing I wanted to add. I wanted the tower to be a shiny reflective metal instead of the default beige concrete, so I created custom cubemaps for the tower using CubeMapGen and Gimp. ]

After I organized everything in Nifskope, here's how it looked in-game.

There's two versions, one for day and one for night, each with different cubemaps and slightly different textures. My .esp includes a script that automatically swaps the two meshes based on the time of day.