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Adds 4 new AK platform weapons (and 2 uniques) integrated in to the Wasteland using assets from Heffy, Johnson, and TheShinyHaxorus.

Permissions and credits

These weapons are distributed to a variety of humans across the Wasteland: raiders, Fiends, and many other wastelanders. Should be sold by most weapon merchants. At higher levels, more advanced variants will become more common. Common and unique variants can also be found in the world for Couriers who dare to explore. 

  • Greatly reduced file size and weapon count for more streamlined integration. 
  • Integrates and distributes the AKM, AKS-74U, AK-74, and AK-103 in to the wasteland. Completely done using script to avoid conflicts.
  • All AK variants use vanilla ammo now for gameplay and ease of balance.*
  • Comes with kNVSE first and third person animations, modified from existing sets from TheShinyHaxorus and Johnson. Fixes .kf files for TheShinyHaxorus' FP set (ISControl and string fixes for IS anims). Johnson's animations have been modified so the bolt moves during attackloop.
  • Comes with new Pip-boy Icons from Consistent Pip-Boy Icons.
  • B42 Descriptions if you have the mod installed.

* The assets for AK ammo all exist in the original set, so implementing them would not be impossible. Stretch goal for whoever who actually wants to do so. 

Special Thanks
This mod would not be possible without the following mods and their creators, who are all open permission chads. They aren't required for this mod to run, but please endorse and download all the mods linked below.