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A simple scripted solution for adding creatures from other areas to the Mojave without a plugin (.esp) file. Many rare enemies aimlessly wander the desert, from aliens to spore carriers to trauma override harnesses. Caution is advised when traveling to remote locations as unexpected, hostile encounters could happen at any moment.

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Enemies that usually don't visit the Mojave Wasteland can now be seen across the desert. These enemies are lost, off trail, and have become paranoid. All lost enemies are extremely hostile. Human enemies come all the way from the Capital Wasteland such as enclave officers, enclave soldiers, assassins, and raiders. Other human enemies including convicts and enclave remnants already occupy the Mojave and have made plans to travel in search for supplies and resources. Humanoids and other bipedal enemies like zetan aliens, ghost people, lobotomites, tunnelers, spore carriers, trauma override harnesses are known to ambush travelers when they least expect it. This mod effectively enables alien encounters without the Wild Wasteland perk.


Choose one file to install. For manual installation, extract the file to your game’s data folder. For a mod manager installation, install the file with your preferred mod manager.


This mod does not feature enemy robots, machines, animals, or non-humanoid creatures (those enemies will be included in different upcoming mods).


Lost Enemies in the Mojave users may be interested in these other creature options: Creature Integration Pack and Monster Mod Lite along with my mod Custom Names for Creatures and Robots as well as Yao Guai in the Mojave and my mod The Hills Have Spore Plants.


A special thanks to Sweet6Shooter for originally teaching me how to integrate creatures and characters into the game with a simple text file.