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Adds more Patrols to the Mojave and more Encounters

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Q. What does this mod do?

A. It adds more Patrols to the Mojave to make it feel more alive and also Encounters

Q. What kind of Patrols does this mod adds?

A. Wastelanders, Prospectors, Arizonians, Gamblers, Travelling Merchants, Water Merchants, Gun Runner Traders, NCR, NCR Civilians, Legion, Mojave Technicians, Wandering Robots, Fiends, Super Mutants, Deathclaws, Dogs, Powder Gangers, Followers Doctor and Guard, Great Khans and More.

Q. Are all the NPC(s) Voiced?

A. Yes all of them including the Traveling Merchants

Q. Will this cause FPS Drops?

A. No but NVAC and 4GB Patcher is recommended

Q. Is this Compatible with The Living Desert?

A. Yes and with other Patrol mods (They work well together)

Q. What do i do if i have found any bugs?

A. Kindly post it to the Bugs Tab

Got any more Questions? if yes just comment and i'll try to respond

Version 2
Now adds Quest Consequences
Wastelanders, Arizonians and other Patrols will now aid the Player from battles
Reduced the amount of Patrols
Fixed some bugs

The Quest Consequences
1. My kind of town
-Making Sergeant McGee the Sheriff will spawn a Three Man NCR Patrol
-Completing the Quest in other ways will spawn a Three Man Wastelander Patrol
-Failing the Quest will add nothing
2. Can you find it in your heart?
-Completing the Quest will add a Traveling Merchant
-Failing the Quest will add nothing
3. Oh my Papa
-After Convincing Papa Khan to side with the NCR there will be now Great Khan Patrols in NCR Territories
-Failing the Quest will add nothing

Just drag the file to your Fallout New Vegas Data Folder

This mod was made by me and thank you for downloading my mods