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Unique and innovative collection of gear, including the eponymous weapon.

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Grabthar's Hammer 
This is my most innovative mod ever.  
You'll find a lot of interesting gear, in some cases, the likes of which have never been seen. 
Give this a try and I bet you'll get a kick out of it!

Weapons Created:
Big Iron – A tricky but powerful heat weapon.
Grabthar’s Hammer – Causes paralysis and shock damage. Avenge!
Axe to Grind – A dull rusty axe.. until you take it to a workbench with a whetstone in hand.
Frying Pan of Fate – Surprisingly powerful, notably noisy and fun as hell.
Hideous Plunger – Does very little initial damage, but enemy health declines rapidly after that.
Heavy Metal Bat – Great for sporting activities with Raiders.
Mutilated Leg – Enemies are startled(disgusted) as they receive damage.
Lynch Pin – Heavy gilded rolling pin, perfect for domestic engineers.
Diamond Spiked Knuckles – Always sharp, nice and deadly.
Blade of Vengeance – Shock and dismay your foes.
OphtHELLmoscope – Looks innocent enough… AH-hahahahahah.
Taser – Watch your enemies get “Hooked on a Feelin’ ”.
Exkatanabur - Like Excalibur, but based on the Samurai Sword model. 
Courier’s Sniper Rifle - Possibly the best long range weapon in the wasteland.
Dissector - An advanced Laser RCW gun.
Occam’s Razor – Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best.

In Addition:
Fire Gecko Eggs are now firebombs. Radscorpion Eggs are powerful radiation bombs.
Cazador Eggs are now very special weapons. Hurl them at your enemies.
When one strikes a target, the egg cracks and a baby cazador will hatch and attack them.
You will also discover new craftable ammo at the workbenches. 

Craftable weapons include the Survivor’s Machete, the Dissector energy weapon and the Vorontsov Cocktail bomb.
Those radioactive Souvenir Rockets can be crafted into Mini Nukes.
You may also craft Radioactive Collars!  Throw them at your human enemies and they will automatically equip and cause damage.

Some of these can be tricky to use, but show their power once you get the hang of it. 

Worldspace Locations - don’t look if you want to hunt them down!

Big Iron – In a wood box at the Griffin Wares Sacked Caravan to the Northwest.
Grabthar’s Hammer – On a dead warrior in the detached steam shovel lying flat near the middle of Quarry Junction.
Axe to Grind – By the clothed dummy behind the Searchlight firehouse.
Frying Pan of Fate – on the ground by the Sacked Caravan near Jean Skydiving.
Hideous Plunger – By the toxic waste dump near Novac.
Heavy Metal Bat – Upstairs against a wall at New Vegas Steel.
Mutilated Leg – Several are found in the big room to the right at the Repcon Test Centre.
Lynch Pin – At the sacked Cassidy Caravan near Allied Technologies.
Diamond Spiked Knuckles – On a dead warrior at Scorpion Gulch.
Blade of Vengeance – In the Gypsum Train Office.
OphtHELLmoscope – On a tray in Hell’s Motel.
Taser – On a table at Cerulean Robotix.
Exkatanabur - Just inside the Morning Star Cavern. 
Dissector - On the game developer in Searchlight Elementary.
Occam’s Razor – On a table at Lone Wolf Radio.
Broken Courier’s Sniper Rifles - Can be found at a number of locations for you to repair. 
Lucky Gambler Hat  -  At Brewer's Beer Bottling.
Lucky Gambler Suit  -  Upstairs at H&H Tools. 
Light Amplifying Goggles - In the Goodsprings Cave.

There is also a box in the doctor's house containing examples of everything, for your testing pleasure. 

New Armour Pieces - 
Advanced Stealth Armour – Purchase or craft from the sample at the dam.  Far superior performance.
Shocktrooper Amor  -  Advanced protection; crafted from other power armors.
Armored Radiation Suit
 - Like it says.
Nuclear Halo  -  Increase Endurance and Charisma by 1 each.
Multi-Halo  -  Increase Endurance and Charisma by 2 each.
Light Amplifying Goggles  -  Turn night into day.
Lucky Gambler Hat and Suit  -  Increase Luck significantly.
Camo Backpack – Stylish, yet pragmatic.
Hawkeye Shades  - Show enemy locations.
Armour Repair Kits can now be crafted or purchased.
There are several other new items that can be found on NPCs whose warranties ran out.