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Gives you 10 levels in Intense Training, the Alien Blaster, Gecko-backed reinforced leather armor, Dr. Mobius’s glasses, and 100 healing poultice, fixer, and turbo to start the game right.
Located in Jean Sky Diving

Permissions and credits
In Jean Sky Diving you will find several items to help a new player.

1.  10 copies of Intense Training perk.  Use them to get all 10 levels of Intense training.  (I also moved the perk to 12 ranks just in case you already took it)
2.  An alien blaster and 2,000 alien ammo in case you want to deal with the deathclaws.
3.  In the locked locker, the Gecko-backed leather armor, reinforced, Dr. Mobius's glasses, and 100 healing poultice, fixer, and turbo.