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If you're hanging out with my New Pin-Up Veronica and you'd like to try out her custom rifle, or you simply want a stand alone new toy, look no further. The big guy is ECP loaded and packed with 3 mods.

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Of sorts... This new rifle is a custom new laser model modified from a ballistic base version. I never liked Veronica using a little 10 mm pistol when she's supposed to be an energy weapon expert, so I decided to give her a new toy now that she received the Pin-Up treatment. Others have said that she uses that 10 miller because she's not keen on letting people know about her Brotherhood of Steel affiliation, and that's fair enough, but a wee bit of spice on the lore won't kill anyone.


  • The rifle starts out as a semi-auto mid range weapon and has 3 modifications available: A long range scope, an extended battery (magazine), and a long barrel (I know it makes no sense that a laser weapon gets more power from a bull barrel, but whatever, let me have my fun).

  • It's charged by EC packs found all over the place in vanilla NV.

  • It's stand alone, it does NOT depend on whether you're using the Pin-Up Veronica or not.

You can find the rifle inside a gun case at the entrance warehouse of the Hidden Valley Bunker where the Brotherhood of Steel hid their HQ. Just go down the stairs and it will be to your left, no need to enter the actual BoS complex or take Veronica with you. All 3 mod packs will be there as well, along with a few ECP.

Like I explained at the Veronica mod page, this rifle is the first in a planned expanded mod that will be basically another weapon store of the same size and features as the Gun Runners. I'll give it its own design, lore and identity just like I did with the Vivienne Kleine Boutique.

I want to make this because there's just NO lore friendly reasons to add new, custom, modern (or even futuristic) weapons in New Vegas. What I aim at is to have the new NPCs in charge of the store handle never seen before models and stock them in a perfectly lore friendly way. I mean, why would an M16 fully equipped with a ACOG sight just magically appear at Doc Mitchell's house? The Gun Runners ARE manufacturers, but are content with simply building existing models. Good for them, but my people will design and build with new and exciting blueprints without ever going too far or make anything too outrageous like a Saint's Row DLC gun (not that there's anything wrong with that). Stay tuned.


  1. The animations are admittedly a bit janky, since they're the NV stock ones. I'm not an animator, and while I DO plan to learn and rock your collective socks one day, right now I'm unbelievably busy so we'll have to make do with vanilla animations. If you know what you're doing, PM me if you're interested in patching the rifle with pretty new kNVSE animations.
  2. The glowy strip behind the barrel looks great in Vanilla NV, but might appear TOO strong with certain ENBs. Show me your screenshots and if I deem it too absurd, I'll release a patch to lower the intensity.

Thanks a bunch!! Comments, requests, kudos and bug reports are appreciated (Though, kindly understand that incompatibilities with random 10 year old obscure mods are NOT a bug). If you're interested, I work on commission as well. Or if you simply wish to support my content sending a tip, you can click on these to:

Rest assured though, EVERYTHING I create is ALWAYS free and for EVERYONE regardless of any tips I get.

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