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Functional Tugboat ferry in FNV

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Functional Tugboat
This mod adds a functional animated Tug boat that you can sail on for the small price of 100 caps, watch the video for a better explanation . it can be repeatedly used to cross lake mead - it will start and stop at each side of the lake and will need activating so you can use it to travel back and forth .

The tug boat is located just of the coast of https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Boulder_Beach_Campground

I actually find it very easy to make mods like this now, just because I have been doing it for so long and even though I currently have a lot of requests and mods in the works I am very open to requests. so if you have always wanted to see something move, which isn't too complex and you know I could do it then please tell me about it.

Compatibility and requirements
The base version of the mod has no requirements and should be compatible with most mods

The other version with the (GIR) on requires a mod called Global Imposter Region - This basically allows this mod to be used alongside all the other GIR related mods with no problems, but if you dont care about all the other GIR mods just use the base version


Manual installation - 
The mod files are setup so that the "data/" folder is the root. so just drag and drop that into the folder containing your fallout new Vegas executable  and then activate the ESP in "data files", archive invalidate, and the vehicle will be in your game

Mod manager installation - 
The mod files are structured correctly, so you are good to install with your mod manager.

Nexus mods
obsidian/bethesda - 
Blender nif extentsion
Geck extender