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Changes all dialogue and details within FO3 and it's DLCs to remove relation to Dad and Vault 101, allowing you to build your own background and history or RP FO3 like a giant DLC to FNV.

Permissions and credits
FO3 takes the liberty of providing an elaborate backstory for the player in 'the kid from Vault 101.' While this can be nice for specific playthroughs, this handicap results in extremely low roleplaying value to the game and it's DLCs. Regardless of what you do, you are the 20-something kid from Vault 101 and the game goes through lengths to constantly keep reminding you, even in quests and scenes where it's completely unnecessary. After years of this annoying me when I would be RPing, say, a Ghoul, or an old man, or, most importantly- the Courier who's finished their job in the Mojave and headed east in search of new ventures- this constant dissonant break got to me enough to personally remove every single mention of Vault 101 and James in relation to the player.

If you do not want to still have to start in Vault 101 if you choose to begin FO3 before FNV, use this mod I made alongside it! They're designed to work together!

- Every single mention of James as 'Dad' in dialogue is removed. Player dialogue, NPC dialogue, all of it. Dad has been renamed Doctor James Hathaway and every inquiry by the player is referring to him as an old friend, not a heartbroken Child looking for their father.
- Any mention of you being from a Vault is also gone. This extends to many irrelevant situations and scenes that have nothing to do with the MQ.
- The Main quest is the same, but you are now a hired mercenary untrusted by the 'old' Project Purity workers. After saving everyone when James dies, however, you slowly shift towards being the face behind the Project.
- James leniency with you is greatly lowered. Evil actions will not result in 'I'm very disappointed in you.' Implications in dialogue for those who destroyed Megaton imply James is going to speak to the others to have you expelled from the Project.
- The Ending Binks have been disabled. After you sacrifice yourself, the 2 weeks slide appears and you wake up. I consider this a positive in more than one way, the original ending slides are horrible and it also of course has lots of dialogue about being a vault dweller. If for some reason you don't want this, delete the 'Video' folder in the mod.
- Upon loading the game, you get a letter from James that gives you very loose framework of why you're helping him but remains vague enough to be any kind of backstory (like the Courier's backstory.)
- Optional file to have Three Dog's radio show stuff removed so you don't hear him refer to you as related to James or Vault kid.

- You WILL have to turn off all dialogue sound in the audio settings when in FO3 or it's DLCs. It's unfortunate, but changes of this magnitude are simply impossible to revoice. People tend to be unaware of just how much FO3 hammers in constantly the Vault / Dad connection, to the point all of the DLCs are infected with it and half the generic dialogue and side quests. Unless someone knows how to contact FO3s entire voice cast including Liam Nesson, you will just have to turn off voices. You, as a player, will have to decide if you want no voice acting in exchange for a less intrusive and obnoxious game constantly reminding you who you're supposed to be. On the plus side, it results in a very mellow, atmosphric, and relaxing game.
- Trouble on the Homefront is disabled, this is not a bug.
- The MQ is a lot more simple and to the point. The removal of the drama and constant 'I grew up in Vault 101!' circular talking in the vanilla MQ took up most of the time. Without it, Moriarty is a quick stop, Doctor Li is a quick conversation, James is just a colleague. Overall I consider this an improvement, the constant Vault backstory talk goes in circles and makes the player seem like a brainwashed fool, and this way, you're able to slide right through and get to the meat of the matter.

Special thanks to ItsMeJesusHChrist for the awesome pip boy texture used in the modpage image. Check out their Consistent Pip boy Icons mod!

- Trouble on the Homefront is disabled but I would like to make an edit of the quest where an outsider gets in due to their connection with James, meets his son (who is still canon, just not the player) and visits the Vault.
- I want to make an optional, much larger ESP that removes mentions of you being a 'kid' and makes the player dialogue more cool and collected like the Courier in FNV. This will be a massive ESP that edits virtually every line of dialogue though, so that will likely be in a V2 update.

Id you enjoyed, I do have plans / WIPs of other mods, some small and innocuous, some larger and more sweeping.

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To Keep up with my mods / see WIP images and more, join the Discord:

To close, this mod is purely a matter of opinion. I love FO3 as a game, despite it's flaws, and some will prefer to play as the Vault kid, and that's entirely okay. I hope like or dislike the mod, it helps you strengthen your convictions on why you feel the way you feel about this game and if you like it, allow you to experience a classic with a plethora of new roleplaying options. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the mod if you decide to download it!