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Adds "New" 10 Female and 4 Male haircuts. The aim of the mod, as the name suggests, is to expand quite slim selection of hairstyles provided by the vanilla game. Small clippings and seams are to be expected, but hey, it doesnt get any more vanilla than that. Hats and glasses should work, but exactly how good they work i'll leave to your judgment.

Permissions and credits

: In order to use new haircuts with custom races you must install Hair Patcher by Fallout2AM, OR add new haircuts for your custom race manually using FNVEdit.


1.  Drop bsa and esp files into Data folder and then activate the mod using game launcher
2. Use any Mod installer


1. Just delete the files.
(But before that make sure you've changed your player's hairstyle to any of the vanilla ones.(showracemenu in the console))


-Cool screenshots, what races did you use?
-Its a mix between races from Fallout Character Overhaul 2.8 and custom races from amazing mod New Vegas Redesigned 3 by Dracomies that i made playable.
-Any updates planned along with new haircuts?
-Updates that include bugfixes are possible if there would be need for those, but when it comes to new haircuts, then its a really unlikely, but not impossible. 

Special Thanks to:

Ding2Ding - for creating his great mod (New) Vegas Haircut that inspired me to expand on his idea.