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DrarenThiralas based on work by Yvileapsis

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An addon for Just Assorted Mods that adds some new features for Just Bullet Time.

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Since Yvileapsis (the author of Just Assorted Mods) seems to be taking a break from New Vegas right now, and the permissions for JAM are open, I'm posting this addon with a couple simple Bullet Time improvements.

This addon requires JAM, and will only work with the merged version - not the standalone JBT.

  • Fixed a bug where JBT's highlighting would occasionally label body parts wrong (e.g. a Cazador's right wing would occasionally be displayed as "right arm").
  • Highlighting in general has been made more dynamic - it will now highlight the limb you are currently aiming at instead of the limb you last hit (this feature is a bit jank, but no more so than vanilla VATS targeting. See video for demonstration).
  • The perks Sniper, Center of Mass, and Hobbler now correctly modify your accuracy and damage. To explain what that means - in JBT, Sniper would increase your accuracy by 25% for the next shot after you land a headshot. It now raises your accuracy while targeting the opponent's head, and not only after taking the shot.
  • Added an optional Perception modifier that can be adjusted through MCM. The final time multiplier is:
(Default JBT time multiplier) - ( (Perception modifier) * (Perception) )
  • Added proper support for the perks Mysterious Stranger and Miss Fortune. These characters will now actually have a chance to appear and lend you a hand during Bullet Time. These appearances will also properly increment the relevant Pip-Boy stats and challenges. The challenge perk Friendly Help will double their chance of appearing, just like it does for VATS.

Yvileapsis for Just Assorted Mods/Just Bullet Time.