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Hack the Anchorage Simulation. Unlock the rewards!

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There are some scripts floating around for skipping the Operation Anchorage simulation.

Maybe they're okay, but I don't really like running scripts from the console to 'skip' quests.

So, I made something different.

This mod adds a [VERY HARD] terminal into the Gary room in the VSS outpost.  Accessing it lets you skip the quests, reap the XP, and collect the loot from the armory.  The terminal also optionally kills disables that punk Defender Sibley, and resolves the mutiny.  Also, something somewhere dresses you up in the Neural Interface Suit, that's normal.

How to Use:

  1. Go to the VSS outpost.
  2. Talk to McGraw (tell him you'll totally, for sure play his video game).
  3. Break in to the Gary room.
  4. Apply L33T H4X0R skills to the terminal.
  5. Go to and unlock the Armory.
  6. Collect the loot.

Notes for manual installation:

There are four settings the mod can use:
  • bCompleteDLC02OA2 - Completes "The Guns of Anchorage," granting XP
  • bCompleteDLC02OA3 - Completes "Paving the Way," granting XP
  • bResolveMutiny - Removes Defender Sibley, and automatically resolves the Mutiny.
  • bAddCovertOps - Grants the Covert Ops perk upon skipping Anchorage.

To change settings, change the values between 0 (off) and 1 (on) in the "\Data\Config\Anch.ini" file.