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Feral ghouls now occupy abandoned buildings and hide around desolate locations. Feral ghouls can rest, sleep, or even play dead.

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Feral ghouls will often hide in dark rooms of empty houses and buildings waiting for unexpecting prey. Successful sneaking can allow the player to pass resting ghouls undetected. Feral ghouls can occasionally be seen near irradiated wasteland areas. Feral ghouls occupy abandoned locations near Wolfhorn Ranch, Toxic Dump Site, Emergency Service Railyard, Nipton, Hidden Valley, and Hidden Supply Cave. Other possible locations include gas stations and various makeshift shacks. Feral ghouls are known to wake up quickly so being detected makes it nearly impossible to catch feral ghouls resting.


Standard installation. Add the file to your data folder or use your preferred mod manager to install.


Will most likely conflict with mods that place items or objects in the same locations. Mods that change feral ghoul appearances or feral ghoul stats are compatible.


Sometimes attacking a feral ghoul before its waking animation plays will restore its health. This is being worked on and will hopefully be fixed in future versions.


More forgotten feral ghoul variant enemy types. Feral ghoul spawns placed dynamically by script.


All assets are from Sleeping Ghouls. A special thanks to this resource for making modern feral ghoul gameplay possible.