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Several groups of feral ghouls have evolved even further, learning to stay out of sight until enemies come indoors. Inside the dark, remote interiors of the Mojave feral ghouls could be preparing to ambush unsuspecting victims mistaking them for corpses. However, while laying down, feral ghouls are vulnerable to attacks.

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Explorers traversing buildings throughout the Mojave often find themselves falling victim to feral ghouls laying on the ground, pretending to be dead. Lurking within the gloomy confines of old interiors, feral ghouls lie in wait, preparing to launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting victims who mistakenly perceive them as lifeless corpses. Successful sneaking can allow the player to pass laying ghouls undetected. Feral ghouls are known to wake up quickly so being detected makes it difficult to catch feral ghouls playing dead.


Choose only one version to install. Install the latest main file. For manual installation, extract the file to your game’s data folder. For a mod manager installation, install the file with your preferred mod manager.


Will most likely conflict with mods that place items or objects in the same locations. Mods that change feral ghoul appearances or feral ghoul stats are compatible.


Glowing ones and other glowing variants were excluded temporality as the glowing one script is still being worked on (so glowing ones can play dead and resurrect the dead simultaneously). Submitting a bug report will help me fix things faster if the mod is not working as intended.


New different types of feral ghouls that play dead inside interiors will include feral ghoul children, mindless ghouls, irradiated feral ghouls, glowing ghouls, feral ghoul stalkers, deadly glowing ones, and alpha male glowing ones. Feral ghouls that play dead will have the chance to wear armor, robes, coats, and other apparel. Feel free to leave any requests or suggestions in the comments.


For enhanced feral ghoul combat try using Better Ghouls No Roar Animation alongside this mod. Deadly Ghouls is recommended to make this mod even more difficult. Users of Forgotten Feral Ghouls may also like my creature mods Giant Evolved Super Mutant BehemothsUnnatural DeathclawsSentry Bots of Unusual SizeDestructive Sentry Bots, and Wasteland Ravens.


All assets are from the modder's resource Sleeping Ghouls. A special thanks to this resource for allowing me to make feral ghoul gameplay feel modern.