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AWSOME is a modern recreation of All Weapon Sounds Overhaul that offers improved compatibility and various enhancements and fixes.

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AWSOME is a modern recreation of All Weapon Sounds Overhaul by FalloutKid14. Instead of editing weapon records to fit the new sounds, this uses direct file replacements of vanilla sounds, meaning no compatibility issues (aside from other mods that edit weapon sounds, but that's pretty obvious). Unfortunately, a lot of weapons in New Vegas and DLCs use the same sounds, so the variety is a little limited.

That's why I made the AWSOME plugin. It edits a few sound records (still highly compatible) and adds unique sounds to a bunch of weapons through a script, so compatibility is still maintained. I highly recommend using it alongside the main file for more sound variety. Make sure to merge, not overwrite, when installing.

The following are required for the plugin to work:
JohnnyGuitar NVSE


 - for the original AWSO (support them on Patreon)
Navaro - for the 10mm Pistol sounds
The Many - for the awsome thumbnail and banner
TheIncredibleKraken - for coming up with the AWSOME name :mostbased:

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