Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Implements a menu to further enhance the control you have over your followers. The menu can be hot keyed via MCM.

Permissions and credits

Want to improve your follower interactions? Maybe even control/manage them from afar? How about accessing the inventory of a follower miles away? Or even teleporting them to you if you're unsure whether you sent them to L38 or their own home? This mod does just that by implementing the "Teammate Menu"! The Teammate Menu allows you to open up a menu to command your entire team from afar, or even command a follower individually just by looking at them and hitting a hotkey.


Companion Functionality:
  • Any modded companion that gets added to the TeammateFaction can be managed by this mod.
  • DLC companions can be managed and controlled.
  • TTW Compatible.
  • JIP CCC Compatible.

Teammate Menu:
  • Movement - Wait, Follow, Rendezvous, Move away.
  • Weapon - Switch to Ranged or Melee.
  • Tactics - Switch to Passive/Aggressive or Close/Far.
  • Inventory* - Access an individual teammate's inventory from afar.
  • Dismiss - Dismiss your party (or an individual teammate) to their home location or the Lucky 38.

Companion Terminal:
  • Lists every NPC that's considered to be your teammate. Whether they're currently with you or if they're at home/L38.
  • Replaces the Companion Dismissal Terminals with Companion Terminals.
  • Choose an NPC in the list and open their inventory (they need to be in your cell) or teleport them to you.

Interact from afar:
  • Command individual followers by looking at them and pressing the hotkey.
  • Control the whole party by looking at none of them and pressing the hotkey.

Mod Configuration Menu:
  • Change the Teammate Menu hotkey.


Disables the Companion Dismissal Terminal outside of Gunrunners and the one in the Lucky 38 Casino (since you can now dismiss all your active teammates via the Teammate Menu). Replaces them with the Companion Terminals.



  • Requires NVSE, JIP LN NVSE Plugin, and Mod Configuration Menu.
  • Download using your preferred Mod Manager (FOMM, MO, Vortex, NMM) 
  • Boom! You're done!