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Nechigawara Sanzenin

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Simple Power Armor Walking Underwater. Require JIP LN & kNVSE Animation Plugin

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Simple Power Armor Walking Underwater. Only Power Armor Walking Underwater, nothing else included.

What I did:
  1. Extract Holstered Movement Animations + Power Armor idle Animation
  2. Rename and Organize them to be the same as Swim Animations
  3. Setup the folder & kNVSE json condition to make the game use this set of Animations only when wearing power armor.
  4. Make a simple (not really) script to keep character to the underwater ground + fix idle Animation.
So, in reality, this mod doesn't make characters truly walk underwater, but make characters swim with walking animations, and characters won't floating in the water, while wearig Power Armor.

All animations are vanilla extract from game data.
  1. JIP LN NVSE Plugin
  2. kNVSE Animation Plugin
  3. JohnnyGuitar
Compatible with every Power Armor in "AllPowerArmor" Form list. So any Custom Power Armor should add to that list for full support.
If you have JAM - Just Assorted Mods or JVS - Just Vanilla Sprint installed, this mod will disable sprint underwater while wearing Power Armor.

How to replace Underwater Power Armor Idle with Titans of The New West 1.0 or Other mods Idle.
  1. Go to "meshes\characters\_male\locomotion" in the mod you want.
  2. Copy file "pamtidle.kf" and rename it to "swimmtidle.kf"
  3. Put that file into "meshes\characters\PAUnderwaterOverride\_male", replace existing one of this mod.
Not Require for 2.0. Use Titans of The New West 2.0 version of the mod instead.

Slower Walking Under Water is Beta Function, may have a problem with mod that also mess with Speed Mult Actor Value

No, this mod didn't offer under water breathing function, hence the name "Simple Power Armor Walking Underwater".
You need to solve breathing problem with other mods, which there are some of them already on the nexus.
So I don't bother adding them to this mod. My recommendation:
Both are compatible with my mod.