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ROOGNVSE plugin expands karma titles and adds a few functions for scripting.

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I decided to open up this plugin for use with Fallout New Vegas without requiring Tale of Two Wastelands.


  • Karma Title Expansion: Set the titles for each level of Karma and if Good/Neutral/Evil in the ini file.
  • Kills a few useless game log entries such as "AddGeometryDecalRecurse", "Using a food?", "Using a stimpak?"
  • Removes a hard coded check that prevents the weathered pistol from using weapon mods (included in stewies tweaks)
  • Fixes a bug with water consumed PCMiscStat (included in JG)
  • Skips code that clamps max level to 30 and 50 (included in stewies tweaks)
  • Reenables iLevelUpSkillPointsBase game setting (included in stewies tweaks)
  • Skips DR/DT check on vendor repair
  • Fixes death speak chance
  • Enables location specific loading screens when fast traveling instead of generic TV screen
  • Fixes Baby Book function if used, does not interfere with the Love Tester (useful for alt-start mods and total conversions)

Functions: (see geckwiki.com for usage under TTW NVSE)

  • TTW_ShowGeneProjector (allows using the original Gene Projector instead of the Reflectron, useful for alt-start mods and total conversions)
  • TTW_CRC32 (crc32 hash an esm or esp plugin)
  • TTW_GetPlugins (return an array of all loaded esm or esp plugins)
  • TTW_EnableRadioFix (toggle radios working in child worldspaces on/off)
  • TTW_GetEquippedWeaponSkill (this is a condition only, useful for perks, dialogue and effects)