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Adds blur effects to alcohol items to simulate being drunk. Removed the chem records so that the file is fully compatible with ENB series and ReShade.

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I loved the original Drug Visuals from WitchScroll, please go drop them a kudo and download the main mod to support them! Much love for leaving the file with open permissions! Also, a big thanks to Pnutmaster, Funkmastad and Lap, who are also largely responsible for the original work.

Unfortunately, I could never get the main mod to work with ENB series and ReShade. It did this odd thing where the effects would apply if I whipped up my Pip-Boy but not in the actual worldspace. I was not willing to sacrifice the effects of my ENB by enabling settings like "UseOriginalPostProcessing" and "UseOriginalObjectProcessing" and thus, this stripped version of the main file was born. That and well, sometimes I RP being drunk in a bar, meanwhile I actually need chems in combat and don't necessarily want to deal with onscreen obstructions and effects.

Please note that the first screenshot is just the cover image, while the second is a representation of the effect ingame. WitchScroll took this screenshot after having stacked multiple whiskeys, so the actual effect ingame isn't this intense unless you drink A LOT.


If there are issues let me know.

I simply removed all of the irrelevant records and tested the mod ingame to ensure that it was working!