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Devin Williams- Masternetra- Squidfest

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A zombie-enthusiast's tweak of the Ghoulified mod!

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Wait, wait, no. Wrong zombies. Or "ghouls," to be politically correct.

Hello, my beautiful Blighted babies! It is I, Squidfest the Maddest Scientist in the Short Bus, coming at you again with a mod that I spent around 5 minutes on in xEdit and decided "yeah, that looks like it belongs on Nexus."

For those of you who don't know, Devin Williams made this incredible mod back in 2017, featuring not only the ability to play as a Ghoul, but also stats/traits/perks to match becoming one! Unfortunately, due to the relentless advancement of modding practices, some glaring errors led to conflicts with Fallout: New California (phenomenal mod, give it a try!)

This prompted the creation of Ghoulified Cleaned by masternetra, which fixed many of the issues present and made it compatible with FNC. However, I noticed a few issues that stuck in my craw enough to make me actually learn how this whole "G.E.C.K.O." thing works. 

For starters, a changed line in the Talent Pool quest lacked the proper character requirement, meaning that the topic could pop up anywhere, brazenly asserting that you are a better looking ghoul than whomever it was you were speaking to. Quite rude and abrupt, if I may say so.

Additionally, when you would reach "Fatal Radiation Poisoning" (a laughable, odious concept pushed by the Smoothskins to keep the Ghoul from reaching their true potential), it just... went away. No more radiation healing, just a little red symbol above your health bar that informs you that you are supposed to be at least 15% deader than you are.

And then there was the Bright Perspective perk, which attached an annoying particle effect to your character at all times. Yes, I know it's immersive, but it's also as annoying as Fallout 2 fans so I scrapped that part.

This is the part where you tell us what the mod does, Squidfest.

Right. Yeah, okay. So this fixes the dialogue option, makes Fatal Radiation poisoning actually continue to empower the glorious ghoulish gigachad, removed the script that causes you to lose your hard-earned rads when exposed to ambient radiation, and removes the part of A Bright Perspective that makes you wander around with a particle effect stuck to you.