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Replaces stock New Vegas weather and imagespaces with stock Fallout 3 weather and imagespaces.

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Base new vegas lighting is really terrible, and I'm not talking about the "orange" filter that everyone constantly memes about. It's guiltier of a far worse crime:

Terrible Contrast and dull colors (Like most weather mods on the nexus, incidentally). It does also heavily abuse color tinting, which imo, the worst example of which is not the yellow-orangeness of most of the world, but the horrid dull burgundy of legion territory.

Fallout 3 had a stylized high contrast look that added a lot of depth to the visuals, and consequently was probably the best looking game on the Gamebryo era of Bethesda's engine. In some cases, it almost made up for the game's lack of self-shadowing. The situation in New Vegas is comparatively dire.

As it happens, all of Fallout 3's weather templates, imagespaces , and even sky textures are present in New Vegas' records and files. This mod implement those in to the Mojave.

it does nothing more than that. My hope though is that this mod inspires someone with more patience for weather modding than I to make a lighting mod that actually looks good, because all the existing ones suck and share the same issues I have with the base game lighting.