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Scott Clam - AshenBonfire - Kiwi

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A toned down version of the most recent BSO update, without the Open Strip requirement, and with some visual adjustments.

Permissions and credits
This mod is primarily a hybrid of Brightweight Strip Overhaul, LightBright Strip Overhaul, and Lightweight Strip Overhaul.

Notable changes:
- Removed Strip Open Requirement, since The Strip gates are trendy and cool again.
- Removed a lot of random signs that felt out of place, and some other clutter.
- Removed some buildings that flicker. Adjusted several meshes to look better.
- Removed the tipped over Landmark building. Integrated the Strip Wall Replacers file.
- Fixed whatever visual oddities I could find.

- I would recommend generating object LOD with xLODgen or FNVLodgen after installing, generated LOD is not included.
If you are a beginner to generating LOD I would recommend the Viva New Vegas LOD Guide.
- Brightweight Strip Overhaul - Load this mod after BSO, it will replace the ESP and a few of its meshes.
Note: I kept the ESP the same name, to make installation easier. This mod requires the assets in BSO.
- Freeside Wall Replacer - Load this after this mod. It will replace the walls in Freeside including the ones to The Strip.
Note: If you want a version that doesn't require Freeside Wall Replacer, I can see about making an optional version.

Recommended Mods:
Lucky 38 Lights Redone - Full model Lucky 38 version
Strip Lights Region Fix - Required for Lucky 38 Lights Redone, and improves the strip from a distance
Tops Lights Clipping Fix - Highly reduces flickering that can be seen on The Tops casino lights from a distance
Camp McCarran Animated Monorail - Adds an animated monorail traveling between the strip and Camp McCarran
Animated Neon Pole Dancer for Gomorrah - Adds an animated neon show girl to Gomorrah, adds some life to The Strip
Palm Tree Replacer - Improves the look of the palm trees found on The Strip
Animated Vault 21 Hotel Sign - Really nice edit to the Vault 21 sign to make it rotate
The Strip NPCs Uncut - Adds some more NPCs to The Strip

AshenBonfire for Brightweight Strip Overhaul
- See the BSO page for a full list of credits for the assets used in this mod
Midnightcacti for LightBright Strip Overhaul
Kazopert for Lightweight Strip Overhaul
Ronivader for help with worldspace edits
Prodlimen for many of the assets used in this mod
Bobio567 for Old Vegas Resources
billybob1232e4 for Strip Walls Restored

- Some weather mods will need to be patched. I have provided a patch for DN Weathers.
Note: Send me a message or leave a comment if you need a patch for other weather mods.
- Strip Open mods are not compatible. If anyone wants to make a patch though feel free.
- Better Strip View is not recommended as it has potential to cause visual oddities in LOD.
Note: I have used it without noticing real issues though, but had it loaded before this mod in plugin order.
- Mods that replace the walls in The Strip are incompatible and are not needed.
- Other Strip overhauls are likely incompatible.
- Mods that add some objects to The Strip can work, but have potential to clip.