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Changes the faces and voices of the police Securitrons into the police officer version of Cartman from South Park.

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This is a more complete and realized version of a mod I previously released. I made this for fun and just to see if I could as I am largely inexperienced with modding. 

Changes the police Securitrons' faces into Cartman the cop and changes most of their voice lines. 
Yes, I know the voice lines aren't perfect but they were generated from text and the best I could get them to come out. 

Requires Securitron Siren Sound Restored from snakedog for the sirens to work in game.  I recommend the scripted version to save on your load order. 
I also highly recommend using Securitrons On Alert from Nehred  to get the angry red securitron faces as shown in the video. 

Load this after (below) all other mods that affect Securitrons to ensure it overwrites the other textures and sounds.