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anonx1987 and luchador

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High quality custom mesh and textures for the automatic rifle and .45 smg

Permissions and credits
- Description -

Replace the Automatic Rifle from Dead Money and the .45 SMG from Honest Heart with new higher quality meshes and textures
The following guns are in this mod:
  • Automatic Rifle
  • .45 SMG + all weapon mods

- Features -

  • New mesh and textures
  • new shell casings
  • Implement using script so should be compatible with any mod that does not use
  • script that edit the same record as this mod's script

- Installation -

Just install & activate it with your Mod Manager of choice. The
(optional) Add ons module/4k textures can be use to override the base
mod (you would still need to install the base mod).

use JohnnyGuitar NVSE with bLoadEditorIDs=1 (version 4.35 of Johnny guitar enable this by default)

- Compatibility -

This Mod use script to change the model so it should be compatible with any
mod as long as the mod does not also use script to modify the model
record, or animations/grip

May not play nice with all animation mods, i only test on vanilla and DWA.

- Requirements -

  • xNVSE
  • JIP LN NVSE Plugin
  • JohnnyGuitar NVSE
  • ShowOffNVSE

- Recommended Mods -

All Weapon Sounds Overhaul
Realtime Weapon Modding System
Immersive Recoil
Deus Ex Weapon Spread

- Credits -

Gun Assets - Luchador
Automatic Rifle Pistol Grip - me
cubemap - millenia, ajhakra
everything else - me
screens - TheSeekker