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Adds a rockabilly and garage rock focused radio station, complete with a DJ and an associated short side quest.

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There's a new radio station in the Mojave, baby, and it's ready to rock! Hosted by Kelemen the Man, KELZ is by Fiends, for Fiends - or anyone else who wants a little more rock n' roll flavor to their wasteland adventures. However, Kelemen's bold arrival on the airwaves of the Mojave has also attracted the attention of the NCR, who aren't too happy about the potential a raider radio station holds.

This mod was originally created by The Man With The Acronym, though it was never finished and remained unreleased. I have finished the mod upon request, while I work on other modding projects. In addition to the radio station itself, this mod features a short but fully-voiced side quest, as well as two new locations (Pryde Bail Bonds and Goodman Memorial High School). To start the quest, speak to Comm. Officer Hyde at Camp McCarran, above Hsu's office.

KELZ is also a fully functional radio station, featuring songs from the early garage rock and rockabilly genres.


Installation will work manually or with your mod manager of choice.

Voice Actors
Forrest DePoy - Kelemen the Man
Elliott Brotherhood - Comm. Officer Saul Hyde
Lorenzo Onrubia - Gamkee
Martin Laston - Principal Leland Zeller
Isaac Jackson - Pat Daly
Myself - NCR Trooper

Other Attributions
This mod was originally created by The Man With The Acronym, without whom this would not be possible. Thank you!